What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership that supports you in creating a rich and fulfilling life. As you work with a coach towards the realization of your vision, goals and dreams, you discover more about who you are and who you want to be. Coaching helps people achieve results and sustain life-changing behaviors in their lives and careers. Using the tools and skills of coaching, we will create a strategy for your success that will deepen self-awareness, improve performance, and enhance the quality of your life.


Who uses coaches?

Coaching is mostly used by people contemplating, seeking or coping with change in their lives.


How does coaching work?

Coaching is by telephone during regular weekly 30 or 45 minute sessions. Coaching is very powerful by telephone as there are no visual distractions and it is a highly effective method. We are both better able to focus on the content of the conversation and there is also the saving in travel time and costs for both of us. You will receive coaching in the convenience of your home or office, allowing you to be in a comfortable place to really talk.

You provide me with a list of items that you’d like to work on, prior to our coaching session and we go from there. I’ll asisst you to solve the problems, and to make the most of your opportunities.

We’ll discuss your goals and I’ll assist you in designing the project, getting support and adding structure to make sure it gets done. We’ll talk about what you really want in life and how you can get it.

I’ll point out perspectives you haven’t considered, offer advice, help you plan your next steps, and celebrate your successes with you.

You’ll feel accountable to me, which keeps you on track.

With my coaching expertise, you’ll be able to make better decisions, set the right goals, and balance your commitments. You know: prioritise all those balls you have in the air.

And of course, all information you share is absolutely confidential between you and me.


What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching focuses on the person and the process. Coaching generates action and deepens the learning. It develops the tools of interpersonal relationships. You will identify specifically what you want to achieve and discover the most effective way to get there.


What is personal coaching?

Most people face challenges whether it’s with their personal life, career, motivation, or achieving their goals, and it’s so frustrating, right?

You may want to find a new direction, make a major life or career change, unlock your true potential, maximize your performance or boost your self-esteem and confidence. But where do you start? What needs to be done next? What are the most important things to focus on?

Perhaps you’ve tried to do these things before but encountered numerous problems and obstacles.

That is where I come in.

As a fully qualified personal coach I have all the skills needed to help you successfully achieve your goals.

I’ll help you to not only solve those problems but also to shorten your learning curve, and follow through with actions.

This is where most people get stuck. They either spend too much time thinking or they take lots of actions but they’re scattered all over the place.


What are the benefits of coaching?

A study by The International Coach Federation reported the following personal changes as a result of coaching:

Increased self-awareness: 67%

Setting better goals: 62%

More balanced life: 60%

Lower stress levels: 57%

Self-discovery: 53%

Self-confidence increased: 52%

A study conducted by Manchester Consulting in 2002 concluded that companies which implemented coaching had a 5.7 times Return On Investment (ROI). The following work categories had significant improvements:

Working relationships with direct reports: 77%

Working relationships with supervisors: 71%

Teamwork: 67%

Working relationships with peers: 63%

Job satisfaction: 61%

Conflict reduction: 52%

Organizational commitment: 44%

Working relationships with clients: 37%