Kaarawan Mo, Buhay Ko (KMBK) Foundation


Giving Life to KMBK at 40

Life indeed began at 40. On her 40th birthday last July 20, 2011, Clarissa Calingasan gave life to her dream foundation called Kaarawan Mo, Buhay Ko (Your Birthday, Your Life) or KMBK Foundation, Inc.

For years, it was her dream to see every friend in her circle celebrating his or her birthday with children living in poverty. Knowing that in the Philippines there are hundreds of thousands of impoverished urban children growing up in squalor, deprived of education, and healthcare.

At the core of every work in the foundation is the belief that every life is important. Clarissa's vision is to see one birthday celebrant give hope and change lives of children—as one celebrates a birthday, a new life begins for every child.

Behind this philanthropy is a founder whose towering faith has inspired many in the marketplace through her coaching and entrepreneurship. As a certified Life & Business Coach for the past eight years, she has mentored thousands of people across the globe and empowered them to succeed in their businesses—by teaching and leading them to a life of abundant living. Recently, Clarissa's successful achievements in her travel and tourism business were recognized with the 2012 Star Brand Philippines Outstanding Filipino Achiever award.

The KMBK is how Clarissa pays it forward and turns her words into concrete action of creating what the United Nations Chidlren's Fund (UNICEF) calls a “World Fit for Children.”

Mission, Vision and Purpose

“Kaarawan Mo, Buhay Ko (KMBK) Foundation, Inc.” was established in 2010 to help needy children and adolescents, regardless of nationality, social status, or religion. The foundation acts selflessly and focuses solely for charitable purposes. KMBK is a charitable organization founded by life and business coach Clarissa Calingasan. Its purpose is to give hope through the act of kindness of the celebrants who wanted significance in their lives.

‘One birthday celebrant, gives hope and changes lives of other people’

To give awareness in every individual that by celebrating their birthday, it means the value of life and by giving hope, a new life begins.