“It was a pleasure to become a part of one of Clarissa’s mastermind groups. After having spent some 25 years reading a great many of this generations inspiring and motivating speakers, it was especially enlightening with Clarissa leading us. She has the gift of being generous with her insights. Questions were very provocative, and stimulating. I left every meeting with insights into myself, that challenged me to delve even deeper into self. She gathers people together, and connects them. What a gift!”

Eileen J. of Manitoba, Canada

“My name is Rey and I’ve known Clarissa for about 4 years now. We have worked in multiple businesses together. As a leader I have been through many ups & downs of operating and running a business and honestly speaking probably more downs than ups but that’s neither here or there. We are currently still doing business together where we are both very successful. What Clarissa has taught me in the past 4 years has completely changed my outlook on life. She taught me the “value” of people helping people. Clarissa inspires, motivates, coaches and is a top notch leader. There is no quitting in her. Everything in life and business she gives 110%. What she brought out in me is something I never thought I had which is a desire to have more out of life. For this I thank you my friend and my mentor, Clarissa Calingasan. I wish you good health and much more success!”

Ray A. of Alberta, Canada

“Coach Rissa is one of the few women I look up to. She’s a woman of conviction. She doesn’t say much but she listens and pours out her heart when she coaches you. She is passionate in building up others to be confident in themselves. She is constantly committed to her dreams and to guiding others in achieving theirs. She is a blessing and has become a channel of blessing to everyone she meets. I’m glad to have met and learn from her. Thanks coach!”

Rich D. of Ilo-ilo City, Philippines

“I thank GOD for blessing us with wonderful mentor like you… you have been instrumental for bringing back the word “HOPE” in every heart of every individual who still believe in the power of DREAMS!… and now… those DREAMS became a REALITY! I salute you coach!!!”

Joven Diaz
WCA, Team Leader,

“I learned so many thing from you Clarissa during your mentoring time. You create untouchable power of believing in my self and power of doing things with un endless motivation and fashion. Every business have blind spot and you showed me those blind spots. Your method of mentoring is unique and friendly. I feel more stronger than ever after I meet you. You are a true mentor with full of talent and knowledge. I would like to say thanks for everything you did for my top quality cleaning company. Our company is growing fast because of you. Any big or small business wherever you are, I strongly recommend you to contact Clarissa Calingasan to start or to expand your business.
Every business need strong coach and mentor and that is our Author, Life and Business coach, Clarissa Calingasan . Thanks thanks thanks”

Keriya Hassan
Top Quality Cleaning, Owner
Monitoba, Canada

“I met Clarissa on a Mexican Riviera Cruise in 2007 when we both attended the Bob Proctor Cruise Workshops. Since then we have kept in touch and eventually ventured into business together. She has been an amazing business associate, business coach as well as a wonderful friend. Her integrity is unquestionable, her commitment to her team and to the team’s purpose is unparalleled and she is always true to her word. I have enjoyed and still enjoy working with Clarissa on a number of different ventures. She’s a great role model and a true leader.”

L.J. of Australia

“Im very thankful that I’ve known you. Not personally, not face to face but through your Words and Courage as A Woman with the highest and deepest faith to our Lord God, A True Strong Great Leader, A Loving Person who shares Love to others, a very good image of a mother and wife, a true precious friend who brings out all people to be at their very Best. And that’s how powerful you are. You really Touch my life and my way of thinking is totally different now since I’ve known you. You made me more stronger and beautiful in mind. Before, I use to be a negative person, I have a lot of fear in doing things but now I always see good and beautiful things around me, I even learned to see the opportunities in times of troubles. Surrounding myself with Positive people that are minds alike was pretty amazing with positive reactions and benefits. Thanks for being my idol, teacher, friend and coach to me and to others… You truly made a great difference to the world by touching our lives to have a positive mental capacity. Thank you so much and i would love to hear much more from you with your words of wisdoms about courage and success and more books. ;0) We love you Coach Riz!!! Wishing and hoping to meet you soon… Godbless.”

Arlene of Brunei

“February 2011 when we first met Coach Clarissa, We still remember during our first conversation, she’s fun! Her words are simple and yet very powerful. Since then, we are always looking forward to be with her and to be inspired by her.

Truly God is so good for giving us Coach Clarissa. We have witnessed how loving she is as a wife to Coach Jay, how supportive and great mother she is to their kids, how passionate, visionary, committed and strong she is as a leader and mentor.

To be coached by Coach Clarissa and to be part of her mastermind group is really a blessing especially for a young couple like us. The things and all the principles that we have learned from her really changed our perspective in life— in what we are doing, in all the things around us and what’s happening around us.

Life is getting more meaningful and more exciting everyday as we apply and internalize the principles she imparted to us. We are now more courageous and confident in moving forward, in taking actions towards the realization of our dreams and in acquiring riches in all areas of our life.

Again, we are very thankful to you our beloved NC (Ninang Coach) for being our leader, our mentor, our model and our best friend. You have helped us appreciate how BEAUTIFUL LIFE IS… thank you for the confirmation that we can control and create our results in life.

We are now ready to DO MORE and HAVE MORE.
We love you our NC,”

Miko and Mitch Sueno
Mastermind graduate of Philippines

“Yes Coach, having the privilege of being a member of MMG Family with you as our coach is one my major blessings received in life. It’s true that I am now thinking MORE differently, communicating differently and also acting and behaving differently. The things I learned from you make me more confident that I can do MORE and be MORE! You made us all feel that we are special and we have potentials. Thank you so much for bringing out the best in me!”

Luche M. Gonzaga of Philippines

“First and foremost, I really want to thank my loving wife (Janice) who encouraged me to join MMG-Emerald family and that’s truly a great time and privilege for me as one of the members.Hearing and listening the voice of a very powerful and inspiring coach Clarissa Gatdula Calingasan, really makes me believe in myself to be strong in all endeavors in life. It is just a BIG miracle that changes my way of thinking and developed my inner-self to achieve my dreams. Closeness, camaraderie and good relationship build instantly in our group. Facing people in everyday life is an easy task because I believed and learned thru our burning desire, I could touch and change people lives. Im so glad coach that you let me pursue my positive way of thinking and I am now strong enough to overcome challenges in life towards the success of our dreams. Thank you so much coach and GOD speed.”

Rex M. Batilaran of Philippines

“It was a pleasure meeting Coach Clarissa in Boracay, Aklan where I was the photographer for the Leadership Training / Bootcamp. During the course of the 3-day event, she empowers the delegates what positive thinking, great wisdom and inspiration can do to one’s life. Being a spiritually enlightened person, meeting her was not a mere coincidence as this was part of the divine plan of knowing my true purpose in life.? Although I was never part of that event, the moment I listened to her made a mark that changed my own perspective way of thinking as training the participants was like I was personally coached by a true leader putting what she taught to them to my heart and mind.”

John Madrigal
Travel Photographer / E-Commerce, business owner


“Coach Rissa is much stronger than she look, much wiser than you think, funnier than you could ever imagine and much prettier in person than the pictures you see in her facebook page! I have worked with her for 2 years, and during those years, I got to know her deeply as an individual, a wife, a mother and a friend. Actually, she is one of the very few that I could trust with my secrets. Last quarter of 2012, I lost almost all of my close friends in facebook because of something or someone made it happen. Only Rissa remained there standing for me. Positive and encouraging words were heard in an hour talk with her. She is a woman of dignity and respect. A leader and a follower. A visionary. And if by any chance you happen to be someone that will go far just to bring or pull her down, you better think twice. Because You are definitely way out of her league. Clarissa Gatdula-Calingasan. A true person. A great friend. A real coach. PARAMOUNT!”

Tom Suzara
Creative Manager