The Magic of Winning

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Written by Clarissa Calingasan

Co-Authored with Bob Proctor




For the past decades, a very large segment of the world’s population has broadly accepted these two big lies: One is “go to school, earn a degree and you’ll get a good job.” Second is the promise of employers to workers: “give us loyalty and we will give you security.”

Most people have believed these lies and have ingrained these in their personal belief system with respect to who they are and what they are capable of doing. As a consequence, they end up resentful, blaming other people for their failures and unpleasant circumstances.

The book entitled “The Magic of Winning,” attempts to explain the connection between the physical and the non-physical world, including the connection between body and mind. By doing so, readers are enlightened on how they can use this knowledge to achieve the results they dream of for their lives.

If you are raring to discover the magic of winning, read this book and see how you can be helped in

  • realizing your ambitions
  • empowering yourself—letting go and sacrificing things so that you can move into a new life, obtain your dream and do what you love to do every day
  • clarifying your purpose in life to guide your ambitions, vision and goal

Only you can discover that magic for winning in life. It is possible!

Note: all book purchase include FREE thirty (30) minutes of coaching.

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